Photo: Monise Terra



Ludere is a musical emergence amongst trumpet player Rubinho Antunes, pianist Phillipe Baden Powell, bassist Bruno Barbosa and drummer Daniel De Paula resulting in a special atmospheric collision on stage, full of vitality and honesty that can only be found in music.

Their instrumentation and rhythmic structure follow traditional jazz components, yet these musicians challenge this tradition and approach sound with international and global influences. They can be both intense and relaxed simultaneously. One can recognize samba or any music with Brazilian roots in their repertoire because the fluidity of culture they exhibit is profound. Ludere is an ancient Latin word that means “play”, which perfectly defines this band’s ability to play with sound and with technicalities of music-making, therefore bringing songs to life. Their songs are always proposing moods and ways to improvise the importance of rhythm and melody in the foreground.

Each member brings their own dynamic to the group: the coolness and intelligence of Phillipe and Rubinho combined with the force and expression of Daniel and Bruno creates a unique balance on the stage. Their concerts are full of great moments and their solos are always creative and real.

Phillipe’s father is the guitar genius Baden Powell and he is a main influence on the group’s repertoire. Besides their own compositions, the quartet brings to the stage different versions of the brilliant themes of Baden, especially the Afro-Sambas. But please, don’t expect a common arrangement of any of Baden’s classics. Ludere cultivates their own thing, walking the paths of contemporary jazz and invention.

They released four albums titled “Ludere” (2016), “Retratos” (2017), “Live at Bird’s Eye”(2019) and “Baden Inédito”(2020) and have performed many concerts in the main clubs and festivals in Brazil and in Europe.

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